I hope you have had a wonderful summer. As you know, the time for Band Camp is here.  The CHS Band Camp is designed to prepare the Marching Band (winds, percussion, and color guard) for fall activities and the field show. Our camp is designed to train students in the skills of music and visual performance, including outdoor Drum Corps-style precision marching. 

Food during Camp:  Students are encouraged to bring nutritious snacks and water everyday. You are also expected to bring brown bag meals for lunch and diner during Week 1 and 2.  Please note: We will NOT be offering to sell food every day this year (provided by Ms. Gorham on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays), most days you will need to bring your own.  In addition, NO STUDENT is allowed to leave the school campus during band camp for any reason. Order forms will be distributed to students (and posted on the web site), at camp to place food orders delivered by Ms Gorham.

Students – Please come prepared to WORK. Always have your instrument or other equipment necessary to play. It would also be very wise to have a hat (the wider the better), tennis shoes, sunglasses, a towel, bug spray, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Rookies…you will get sweaty and your feet will get dirty, so don’t dress cute.  We will take frequent quick breaks throughout the day.  An exact schedule will be posted on the white board at the beginning of each day.

In order to participate in marching band this year, all fees must be current. Students/Parents should have at least paid $150 of the $300 marching fee by the end of camp-remember all discounts will be credited once all other money is paid.  We will again be looking at the ability to make credit card payments.  Fees can be collected after practice or can be mailed to Caroline High School, Attn Kevin Coleman, 19155 Rogers Clark Blvd, Milford, VA 22514.  Payments are excepted  to be on time.


Please print and return these forms to Mr. Coleman by May 26th if you plan on participating in the 2017 Marching Band season!  This year we present “How To Train Your Dragon”





2017  Commitment – Marching Band

Marching Band 2017 Calendar