Marching Band Update – North Stafford Competition and Homecoming Bonfire

Cavalier Notes – North Stafford HS
  • All time are estimates!!!!  Things may take longer than expected.  
  • No Football game – Practice as normal from 3-5:30PM
  • Saturday – eat a good lunch before reporting to school
    • 12:00PM – Arrive, go out to our practice field with equipment and everything to load trailer – no uniforms, hat, shoes, flutes, or clarinets – just equipment that will load the trailer
    • 12:30PM – Get dressed – put garment bag, shoe box and hat box on your bus when you are dismissed to the buses
    • 1:00PM – Leave for North Stafford HS
    • 2:00PM – Arrive at North Stafford HS
    • 3:45PM – Performance
    • 4:00PM – Load trailer and leave for CHS
    • 5:00PM – Arrive at CHS
    • 5:30PM – As long as everything is put up – Dismissal

Unfortunately we do not have enough schools to host our Marching Band Competition which is a major source of income for the music department – especially with transportation costs for competitions and assessment – Therefore we will not be staying for awards at this competition.  It is the staff and my hope that students and parents will understand.  We will be looking into ways to allow the marching band to stay for other competition awards.  Students that have the ability to make it back to North Stafford may do so because their hand will still be stamped.  We will still have student leadership going up for awards to find out how we did.

The Homecoming committee has also ask up to participate in the bonfire on Thursday, October 5th till 7:15PM.  Students will also be feed after practice from 5:30PM to 6PM.  Come out for the fun.