Cavalier Notes – All District Band Auditions

All District Students:

  • Auditions are Saturday, December 10, 2016 at Colonial Forge High School
  •  Doors will open at 7:00 am; Student Registration begins at 7:30 am and ENDS at 9:30 am in the cafeteria/commons
  •  Students will register at the audition site to receive their audition number; Audition numbers will be assigned sequentially, not randomly
  •  The auditorium will be used as a holding area ; Students WILL NOT be allowed to play instruments or other noise-creating device in the auditorium – this includes sticks/pad!
  •  Students will be called from the auditorium and taken to warm-up rooms where they may begin playing
  •  Students are not to play their instruments in any area of the school other than the specified warm-up and audition rooms. Please advise them of this regulation. They will have a minimum of 20 minutes in a warm-up room as long as they are on-time when their audition number is called. If they miss their number, their warm-up time may be limited.
  •  No students are allowed outside of the Auditorium or commons area of the building unless they are warming up for their audition or going to the audition rooms.
  •  Students will need to keep their audition number with them to show as they enter the warm-up and audition room(s). A “sign-in” list will be created as they enter each room as a verification of audition numbers.


Cavalier Notes – Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg Parade

  • Last rehearsals are today and December 8th. Any absences will result in a student not performing next parade or lettering for the year.
  • Report to the School at 11:00AM
  • Bring snacks if you wish – Also bring money to eat in Southpoint Burger King area
  • Spotsylvania Parade – December 3rd

-11:30AM leave for Spotsylvania MS

-12:45AM Roads are closed

-1PM parade starts

-We will stop to eat lunch

  • Fredericksburg Parade

-4PM Report to Parade route

-5:30PM parade starts

-7:30PM leave for CHS

-8:30PM Unload bus, put uniforms away and GO HOME!