Reminders for the week of 12/4/17

Here are your reminders for the week:

Monday – Group pictures for band, chorus, and strings fourth block

Tuesday – Concert Band after school rehearsal 3-5PM

Wednesday – indoor percussion conditioning 3-5PM

Thursday – Last marching band rehearsal 3-5PM

Friday – Indoor percussion conditioning 3-6:30PM

Marching Band – Spotsylvania Parade

Students should report to the music room at 10:00AM to get ready with uniforms and Santa hats!  Students will leave personal items at the school as we will return after our performance.

We will leave CHS to go to the parade at 10:30AM to make sure we get to the parade between 11 and 11:30AM.  Spotsylvania will close the roads at 12:45 and the parade starts promptly at 1PM.

We typically take about an hour to perform and get back on the bus. We will then report back to CHS hopefully around 2:30PM to put away equipment and dismiss.  We will send a remind 101 when we head back to the school so you can pick up students in a timely manner.

If students are decorating their instrument – they must do so BEFORE we leave for the parade.  Remember not to put anything on the instrument that will change the sound of the instrument.

Director’s Note – Week of November 27

This week is full of excitement in the air.   We will begin the auditions for the indoor ensembles as well as the Marching Band getting ready for their first parade for the holiday season.  As always the calendar is constantly being updated.  The Music Department schedule looks like this:

Monday:  Music Department begins Cookie Dough fundraiser, Indoor Guard information meeting 3-5PM

Wednesday: Indoor Guard auditions and Indoor Percussion information meeting 3-5PM

Thursday: Marching Band Practice 3-5PM

Friday:  Indoor Percussion auditions 3-6:30PM

Saturday:  Spotsylvania Christmas Parade – more information will be shared on a separate post on Monday, November 27 with times and places.

All District Auditions

Colonial Forge HS is looking forward to hosting the VBODA District 15 All-District High School auditions on Saturday, December 9th of this year.  Students will need two things:

1 – Provide their own ride to and from Colonial Forge HS

2 – Pay the $5.50 registration fee to Mr. Coleman no later than Monday, November 20th.  If paying by check – please make checks payable to Caroline HS or CHS.

Information on the audition process and etudes are at:

Event Procedure:

  •   Doors will open at 7:00 am; Student Registration begins at 7:30 am and ENDS at 9:30 am in the cafeteria/commons
  • Students will register at the audition site to receive their audition number; Audition numbers will be assigned sequentially, not randomly
  • Percussion Auditions will begin at 8:30 am; Wind Auditions will begin at 9:00 am.
  •   The auditorium will be used as a holding area; Students WILL NOT be allowed to play instruments or other noise-creating device in the auditorium – this includes sticks/pad!
    •   Students will be called from the auditorium and taken to warm-up rooms where they may begin playing
    •   Students are not to play their instruments in any area of the school other than the specified warm-up and audition rooms. Please advise them of this regulation. They will have a minimum of 20 minutes in a warm-up room as long as they are on-time when their audition number is called. If they miss their number, their warm-up time may be limited.
    •   No students are allowed outside of the Auditorium or commons area of the building unless they are warming up for their audition or going to the audition rooms.
    •   Students will need to keep their audition number with them to show as they enter the warm-up and audition room(s). A “sign-in” list will be created as they enter each room as a verification of audition numbers.
    •   All warm-up rooms and audition rooms are in the “academic wing” of CFHS. Students are only allowed to have their instrument and instrument accessories and their prepared music selection in that area of the building.
    •   A standard concert snare will be provided. Students auditioning on snare drum may bring their own snare drum for the audition if they so desire. They should practice quick set-up of their own equipment as time is limited in the audition room
    •   Mallet instruments available for the audition rooms will be Yamaha 3 1⁄2 octave xylophone. There will be one in warm-up, the mallet audition room and the prepared room providing consistency for your students.
    •   Four Timpani will be available. Timpani will be checked and balanced before the auditions! A separate set is also planned for the warm-up room.
    •   Percussion sticks and mallets WILL NOT be provided or loaned!
    •   “Unofficial” results will be posted in cafeteria as soon as they are available. Official results will be e-mailed to each participating director. Results will also be posted on the auditions web page by audition number (no names)
    •   Concessions will be available from the Colonial Forge Music Boosters. A breakfast menu will be available when you arrive and lunch items will be available as the day goes on.

Reminder to Marching Band

Congratulations everyone again for your hard work this season on our field show. We are now slowing down into our parade season.  Rehearsals will be on Thursdays for the most part. A list of rehearsals will be at the bottom of this post.

One small change to our schedule that will make things on the day of All District Band auditions a little bit easier. We found out that the Bowling Green Parade is now a week later – Saturday, December 16th. It is still a night time performance with a rain date of  Sunday, December 17th.   More information about both the Spotsy and Bowling Green parades will be posted as we get it.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 9th

Thursday, November 16th

Thursday, November 30th

Thursday, December 7th


Is still on for tonight November 2, 2017.  Only change is a small venue change – it will be in the red gym (old gym).  As a reminder this is what was sent home on the first day on your syllabus:

Fall ConcertBand , Chorus and Strings

November 2 – Fall Concert (All 3 groups), 6:30PM, Report Time: Strings 5:30PM, Band 5:45PM, Chorus 6:00PM

Thank you and see you tonight!

Cavalier Note – Senior Night Football and Assessment

  • All time are estimates!!!!  Things may take longer than expected.  
  • Football game
    • Practice as usual 3- 4:45PM
    • As usual we will go in to eat at 5PM and get into uniform at 5:30PM.
    • It is senior night so we will be leaving for the stadium at 6:15PM – Senior parents make sure that you are with the band at 6PM so you can get in.  Seniors and parents will be recognized before pre-game.
    • Parents should pick up students at the normal pickup time – around 10:30.  Students will again be cleaning the stadium before we leave.
  • Saturday –  Assessment at Massaponax HS
    • Eat a good breakfast before reporting to school
    • 6:30AM – Arrive, go out to our practice field with equipment and everything to load trailer – all uniforms, hats, shoes. Flutes and clarinets will load the bus
    • 7:30PM – Get dressed – Leave all garment bags, clothes, etc at school.  We will be coming back to CHS to change
    • 8:00AM – Leave for Massaponax HS
    • 8:25AM – Arrive at Massaponax HS
    • 10:15AM – Performance
    • 11:30AM – Ratings   
    • 11:45AM – Load Bus and leave for CHS
    • 12:15PM – Arrive at CHS
    • 12:30PM – As long as everything is put up – Dismissal